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Kingdom-Game is the baccarat casino platform provider.

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Kingdom provides video entertainment focused on real casino and table. We have lower prices and highest quality than other businesses. We put confidence with our customers first, committed to providing various games and designs, and able to respond quickly 24 hours whenever customer needs us.

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Opening an Online casino

The Kingdom is the first to consider your profits. Our company’s aim is to provide the best quality of Baccarat live streaming video. The cost is cheaper than any other businesses.


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Introduction of Kingdom Online Baccarat Creation Platform

Kingdom leads the industry with its award-winning offering, providing customers who want to start Online Casino Business with future-proof solutions to suit any technology needs

1) More than 10 of personalized brand interfaces.

Personalized color system interface, PC version, H5, APP color style synchronizes with your brand

2) Optimized to Android/IOS

Enjoy the fast, convenient and extreme mobile experience, and take advantage of the market

3) 100% encryption exclusive APP

Communication encryption, data transfer secure and reliable professional team full-time protection

4) Free customized service independent brand

Customize your screen page for free independent brand LOGO to create unique brand image APP.

5) Individualized Game Experience

Easy-to-use game collection, more anytime.Entertainment, real money/test-play shortcuts, games are more comfortable, automatic adaptations to vertical screens make the experience more comfortable.Experience more Peak Games

Online Baccarat creating Service Sites and Major Features

Kingdom’s package network service provides a full range of technical guidance and services for new business partners, Save the financial burden on the technical level and company construction level for partners, To provide customers with a tailor-made package network service project is our professional strength!

Integrate key technologies of the game platform, including operations management, data analysis, website development, mobile APP development, brand marketing, market research, user experience, web design, etc. All-round services and diversified cooperation models, listening to user needs, and creating market trends are the eternal principles

Asia Gaming was founded by an elite team in 2012, With professional and creative thinking, a number of new game experiences unprecedented in the industry have been created in a short period of time, including the world’s first 6-card start, VIP table booking, microphone baccarat, intelligent control mode baccarat and Jingmi Interactive Baccarat, etc., The young Asia Gaming quickly became a unique legal gaming and entertainment group.

In the Asian market, Oriental Games is the fastest growing real-life video platform and game cooperation solution provider for internships. It holds the official legal license of the Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).


Dream Gaming’s most eye-catching service is running a reality-based casino platform in Genting Crown Casino in Poipet, Cambodia. Luxurious environments, sophisticated gaming tables, and skilled dealers are broadcasting on the Internet in real-time video through advanced camera

BBIN professional T-Bet offers players with strong sense of presence game playing experience. Player only need to register and then can start the game. Our operators are ready to serve you.

The Ho family has been in casino operation in Macau for more than four decades and laid the foundations for today’s world-leading Macau casino market. Our founder brought the expertise of her family to revolutionize the industry by developing one of the world’s first live dealer software.


Cagayan Hotel and Casino show cases world-class gaming equipment, sleek interiors, and contemporary facilities.


Evolution Gaming’s history is as extraordinary as its live casino experience. A journey to huge success starts in 2006, its passion for quality paid off. Several key operators form partnerships with Evolution in 2007. In 2008, it partners with the largest poker, casino, and sports betting online company in Germany.


Microgaming developed the world’s first real online casino software in 1994 and the first mobile casino software in 2004. Mini game products include live dealer videos.


Founded in 2014, Allbet Group is the most emerging gaming and entertainment group in Asia. With the experience and hard work of dozens of gaming experts and combined with the advantages of network technology, Allbet Group has successfully created a baccarat game Mainly a super game platform.

The 4 steps of online casino solution business with KINGDOM

KINGDOM offers a variety of cooperative solutions, and KINGDOM will respond positively so long as it is any reasonable solution that can inspire cooperation, win-win and mutual benefit.

1.Communication of cooperation intention

Communicate your packet network/API content with the online customer service of KINGDOM, selected package options, and so on until a preliminary collaboration is reached

2.Understand the cost of the project

After determine cooperate with Kingdom, Kingdom will send you the document with details, which will give you a better understanding of the various standards of cooperation cost of packages.

3.Sign the contract

After the expense and appropriation method is approved by you, KINGDOM will send you the Cooperative Document.

4.Pay the related fees

After you sign the contract, you only have to pay the relevant fee.

KINGDOM Solution aims to develop a wide range of programs online. By analyzing all programming languages perfectly,
We will the development and modify update new development solution. New game development, game implementation planning, and perfect game output.
Offers an amazing and powerful solution.

Not only does it develop live video games,
Slot game and mobile game development are also ahead of focused investment and new development Video transmission games: Baccarat, Dragon-Tiger, Poker, Roulette, Sic-bo, Blackjack.

Kingdom Online Baccarat

1. KINGDOM Department Introduction

  • KINGDOM Department Introduction
  • Domestic/foreign engineers with the best technology (Development team)
  • A program analysis team and Studio video development team. (Production team)

Plan based on rapid and realistic market analysis. (Planning Team)

Customer service line operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a constant communication system.

A multi-system network that is incomparable to other companies in new modifications/updates/bug controls/server security provides prompt and accurate response to your business failure


Casino web creation | Slot machine web creation | Baccarat web creation

Online casino web creation / Agent casino web creation

Provides 14 different videos from real casinos

Web design user page creation

Customized casino web design

  • Easy-to-eye and convenient admin page
  • Agent-only online casino admin page
  • Online-only casino admin page
  • Server setup with strong security configuration
  • Seamless game supply and API linkage
  • 24hours emergency contact service
  • Strong security management and bug control maintenance

What kind of customers will the Kingdom Online Baccarat offering service be appropriate for?

The best customer for Kingdom solution


(1) The first company to run an online casino.

(2) The company currently operating an online casino but looking for a cheaper one

(3) Companies that want to earn higher profits than current profits

(4) Multinational guest-owning company who requires integrated server

Online casino API solution FAQ

If Kingdom first gives you samples and you confirm that they are available, well-known designers will develop new web designs on your request.

After you select the design of website and logo, we only require 3 days to create online baccarat casino web and server.

These games are able to use on your website.

Evolution gaming Baccarat api

Mega-ho Gaming Baccarat api

88 Baccarat api

Micro Gaming Baccarat api

AG gaming Baccarat api

Asia Gaming Baccarat api

SA game Baccarat api

Dream gaming Baccarat ap

BBIN Baccarat api

Oriental Grand Baccarat api

Allbet Baccarat api

Game Play Baccarat api

The KINGDOM Customer Service Department responds to 365 days and 24 hours a day.What’s going on can be solved by telling the Customer Service.
Not only can you connect, can play online gambling with Apple (IOS) and Android.


Integration Online baccarat casino server creation service

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